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Welcome to The Bump Store! 

 We are a maternity clothing and supply store for pregnant people and their loved ones in Lawrence, KS and the surrounding areas. 

We have just opened as of 12/20/22.

We currently have a small selection of various maternity related products and Nearly New Maternity Clothes.

We have lots more products on the way and we have gift cards available now!

We are open to buying your good condition clothes.

There will be lots of changes coming in the next few weeks. Stop by and take a look!

  • We will be offering new and nearly new maternity clothes options, as well as supplies to help ease pregnancies such as teas, lotions, pillows, support belts, etc. 

  • We also have a party supply area with all the things you will need for throwing or attending a baby shower or gender (sex) reveal party. 

  • For those in your lives, we will carry items such as announcement shirts and gifts.  

Store Location: 

711 W. 23rd St. 

Suite #22

Lawrence, KS 66046

Store Hours: 

Tuesday - Friday

11am - 7pm


12pm - 5pm


(785) 317-3619

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