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Come on in and
                     have a seat...

Just Because You're Pregnant Doesn't Mean You're No Longer a Person.

The mantra behind designing our store:

The idea was simple. Create a store based specifically around the needs of pregnant people. When someone becomes pregnant so often all of the focus shifts to the baby, but what about the mother? Growing humans is hard!

In that light we tried to design our store around everything a soon to be or new mother could need.

The layout of the store is meant to be open and inviting, plenty of room between racks for growing bellies and strollers. 

Dressing rooms were designed to match with plenty of room for any body size, as well as an oversized dressing room that can accommodate those with disabilities, as well as serve as a nursing room.

If you get too tired from standing, have a seat in one of our memory foam recliners or couch and relax and watch some TV. If shopping has also worked up your thirst, we offer complimentary water, coffee, tea, and various other drinks.


Shopping with little ones? We have a dedicated child play area with foam padded floor, toys, and a kid gate to keep them from wandering off. Our restroom is also equipped with multiple child potty options, step stool, and a real changing table with complimentary diapers. 


Everything we sell online is also available in the store.

We also have additional products in the store not currently available online...

Support Belts, Nursing Bras, Vitamins, Lotions, Greeting Cards, Gift Cards, Gender Reveal Items, Baby Shower Gifts, Postpartum...


Trust on this, if you're going to buy maternity clothes, you need to try them on!

In the store we buy and sell a large selection of nearly new clothes. Most of these clothes have only been worn a handful of times. It is our goal that you'll save at least 20% of the cost on nearly new versus new. And when you're done, bring them back to the store and sell them!


711 W. 23rd St.

Suite 22

Lawrence, KS 66046


Tuesday - Friday

11am - 6pm


11am - 6pm

Sunday & Monday






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